Bay Area Suites Project Details

Luxury Living at its Best!

Prior to developing our first main project which is Bay Area Suites, Pan Global Realty has partnered with Adriatico Grand Realty Corporation and Hopewell (Hong Kong) Plastics Ltd. to develop…

  • Bay Area Suites is the traveler's home away from home.
  • At Bay Area Suites, you can experience breathtaking sunsets and have the world at your fingertips.
  • A remarkable addition to Manila's iconic skyline, Bay Area Suites shows what it's like to have an unforgettable getaway in the country's ultimate address.
  • It is quite simply, luxury at its best.
  • The exquisite 24-storey development of Bay Area Suites prides itself with 2 seperate lobbies, 19 concessions area, 108 magnificent hotel rooms, and 198 deluxe residential units, ranging from 23 to 33 square meter in size, a five-level parking area, a roof deck, world-class amenities such as full hotel service, spa, swimming pool, wading pool, infinity pool, jacuzzi, gym, sauna rooms, children's playground, game room, conference and multi-purpose rooms, a bar and restaurant and security services in Malate.
  • It is right in the heart of Manila, within easy reach of schools, malls banks, hospitals, churches, museums.

Fact Sheet & Info.

1st floor & Mezzanine (Commercial 19 units and 8 offices)
2nd to 6TH Floor Parking (82 Parking slot)
7th Floor Amenities – Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna Playground, Multi-purpose Hall (Click here for more info.)
8th to 13th floor CONDOTEL or Service Residence (108 units)
  • Guaranteed 8% Income (6% Cash + 2% use of units )
14th to 24th floor Residential units (198 units)

  • Price ₱ 774,642 to 821,590 + VAT
CONDOHOTEL Size: 23.53 sq.m, 25.69 sq. m, 32.98 sq.m
  • Price - ₱ 2.1M & up + VAT+Improvement
RESIDENTIAL SIZE: 23.33 sq. m, 26.57 sq. m, 32.98 sq.m
  • Price - ₱ 2.1M & up

Diverse Choices!

  • Diversity marks the accommodations at Bay Area Suites. There are different unit to suit your different needs.
  • Each residential unit exudes charm inside and out thanks to its well-though-out design.
  • The hotel rooms are luxurious and will leave you with a truly memorable experience.
  • Moreover, every amenity you can think of to make your life relaxing and enjoyable is readily available.
  • The five-floor parking area is provided for the convenience of residents and hotel guests.
  • In addition, Bay Area Suites delivers a stunning view of the city and its many landmarks from its beautifully landscaped roof deck.

Excellent Opportunities for Investors

  • Bay Area Suites provides excellent investment opportunities for the business-minded
  • Only Bay Area Suites can guarantee unparalleled return on investment in the form of 6% cash dividends plus 2% usage of available units or a total of 40% in 5 years for the smart buyers and investor.


OPTION 1: STUDIO: 23.53sqms.

Estimated Price- P2,140,330
5% Required Downpayment-P107,016.50
Basic Discount-P10,702
Reservation Fee-P25,000
(payable in 30days from date of reservation)

Another 10% Downpayment-P214,044
(payable in 18 months at zero Interest)

5% Additional Downpayment-P107,017- to be paid on 2016 after the Condominium has been Completed

80% BALANCE payable thru Bank-P1,712,264
ESTIMATED AMORTIZATION thru Bank at 7% Interest Rate:


OPTION 2: ONE BEDROOM: 32.62sqms.

Estimated Price- P3,045,485
5% Required Downpayment-P152,274
Basic Discount-P15,227
Reservation Fee-P25,000
(payable in 30days from date of reservation)

Another 10% Downpayment-P304,548
(payable in 18 months at zero Interest)

5% Additional Downpayment-P152,274- to be paid on 2016 after the Condominium has been Completed

80% BALANCE payable thru Bank-P2,436,388
ESTIMATED AMORTIZATION thru Bank at 7% Interest Rate:


OPTION 3: ONE BEDROOM: 40.06sqms.

Estimated Price- P4,500,090
5% Required Downpayment-P225,005
Basic Discount-P22,500
Reservation Fee-P25,000
(payable in 30days from date of reservation)

Another 10% Downpayment-P450,009
(payable in 18 months at zero Interest)

5% Additional Downpayment-P225,005- to be paid on 2016 after the Condominium has been Completed

80% BALANCE payable thru Bank-P3,600,072
ESTIMATED AMORTIZATION thru Bank at 7% Interest Rate:


-It offers Residential, Commercial and Condotel Units.
-Price may vary depending on the chosen unit.
-Banks' Rates may vary depending on Banks' Approval.

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